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Dr Anthony Cadden


  • Orthopaedic Surgery

Foot pain has the ability to greatly impact our lives. It is often understated the effect it can have when it occurs. In most cases appropriate shoe ware, orthotic use, supportive brace or activity modification can provide relief or make symptoms more manageable. When these treatments are no longer effective, or we wish to restore previous functional capacity, seeing a specialist with the right training is important.

Dr Anthony Cadden is an Australian trained orthopaedic surgeon who has been providing exclusive treatment of foot and ankle conditions since 2008, after completing his orthopaedic training through the Australian Orthopaedic Association and Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He has been practicing in the Illawarra Region since 2009, providing specialist Foot and Ankle surgical care at the Shellharbour Private Hospital since 2009.

"I have focused my career on providing the best possible care for patients and the foot and ankle conditions. In most cases the problem can be managed with the right guidance of the most appropriate non-surgical treatment. When surgical treatment is involved, it is important to cover both the procedure and the impact of the recovery period."

Dr Anthony Cadden has undergone fellowship training both locally and internationally, gaining vast experience in Total ankle joint replacement surgery, deformity correction for flat feet and cavus feet, and management of complex forefoot deformity. Since returning to Australia he has gained further experience in arthroscopic techniques of the ankle and subtalar joint, achilles tendon, 1st MTP joint. He has been trained in minimally invasive techniques for bunion correction, deformity correction of toes, and achilles tendon repair.

Conditions treated
Dr Cadden provides assessment and treatment of all foot and ankle conditions. He has special interest in the following:

  • Minimally invasive treatment for bunions and toe deformities
  • Joint sparing procedures for arthritis or deformity, including the Cartiva implant
  • Joint fusion procedures for arthritis of the feet and ankle
  • Sports injuries and tendinopathies
  • Total ankle replacement and deformity correction of the foot and ankle
MBBS (UNSW), BSC (MED), FRACS (Ortho), FA (Ortho)